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Summer STEAM Adventure 2024!!

woman and children playing

Dear Parents and Guardians, We are excited to kick off our Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program! Our goal is to provide a fun and enriching experience for your preschoolers while engaging them in hands-on learning activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and exploration. We will explore nature to observe the insects, plants, and animals in their habitats. We will build structures, such as boats, cars, and planes with different materials. We will create art with natural materials, watercolors, string, beads, homemade playdough, paint, paper mache, and much more. We will use tablets, desktop computers, and digital cameras for educational games, virtual field trips, and taking photos of natural phenomena. We will also be counting, sorting, measuring, and comparing different natural objects, water, and many more items.

Not only will we focus on STEAM this summer, but we will also have other SUPER FUN Activities:

Children will have the opportunity to learn and participate in all of our STEAM projects!

  • Field Trips – Picnic in the Park, Florida Museum of Natural History, Cade Museum, Roller Skating, and lots more!
  • Water Play
  • Soccer Shots
  • Spanish
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Movie Days
  • Dance, Play and Puppet Shows
  • Ice Cream Socials