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About Us

Orange Blossom Prep is a licensed child care provider in Gainesville, Florida, offering various programs catered towards providing excellent childcare and early education. All of our teachers are involved in continuing Early Childhood Education Programs, which focus on children’s needs for their age. Our services are available from birth to twelve years old.

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Our Mission

Orange Blossom Prep teachers and care caregivers are committed to providing a rich and stimulating environment that is, at the same time, warm, loving, and supportive. Each child’s age, level of maturity, social and emotional development, cognitive abilities, and learning priorities are considered. It is within this supportive and non-pressured environment that young children acquire a solid sense of security, positive self-esteem, a long-term enthusiasm for learning, and a respect for individual, cultural, and ethnic diversity. Parents and teachers are seen as partners in children’s care and education. Parents are recognized and respected as the children’s primary caregivers.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Orange Blossom Prep encourages an open door policy and does not discriminate based on race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

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